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A NEW Type of Shopping Mall has landed in your town! We call it your “Local Giving Mall”.  What makes this mall different than any other is with every online purchase you make, a percentage of the sale is automatically deposited into a charity's account.  We call that “Donations from the cloud”.  Now, socially responsible consumers can shop with confidence that with every purchase they make, they are making a difference in someone's life.

We hope you would get involved and make a difference.

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Help us build a Local Giving Mall in every city in America!

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Our vision is for each Charity to have access to utilize a robust and secure alternative source of monetary donations that they can add to what their loyal donors give. Charities require a stable-constant funding stream to support their programs, special events, operating expenses and growth initiatives. The Local Giving Mall was created to provide this additional source of funding and is committed to bring it to those who need it the most, those that serve, your local charity


Now you have an alternative way to raise funds that will not burden your loyal donors through the “Local Giving Mall.” Chances are, you have donors that have a e-commerce store where they are selling goods and services to consumers, today. By Registering your charity with us you can contact these loyal donors and provide them with information on how they can produce “Donations from the Cloud” for your cause. We invite you to Register your charity free of charge, promote the Local Giving Mall and begin receiving “Donations from the cloud”!


Register your charity, upload your logo and contact information. Provide a detail message on your Charities cause and mission.


Promote your Local Giving Mall’s registration to your donor and member base as an “Alternative Donating Method”. Send your donors a link to your Local Giving Mall page and invite their participation.


As Merchants (Donors) selects your Charity, they are asked to assign a percentage of sale they will donate to your cause. Once they establish their store, they begin to promote it and the formula is set to generate Donations from the Cloud. The next piece of the formula is Socially responsible consumers that are seeking brands and companies that are linked to a cause. They have proven to support these companies by buying their products and services. Once a item is sold, the process begins! You will Receive your donation automatically through your Pay Pal. If you don’t have one, just click button on the registration form and create one. They are free of charge. The full donation will be sent to you electronically. Yes, that is why we call it “Donations from the Cloud!”

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We invite you to join the growing list of businesses that are “Doing Well by Doing Good” by establishing your storefront in the Local Giving Mall. By leasing a storefront in our mall you automatically link the sale of your products and services to your favorite charity and support their cause and mission. Responsible consumers are looking to purchase products and services that are linked to a cause. The Local Giving Mall makes it easy to tap into this consumer market and helping those that serve, The charity of your choice. Add your store to the list and be assured that you are leasing from the most competitive online shopping platform available..


The Local Giving Mall’s storefronts are leased on a monthly bases for as little as $30.00 dollars per month. You have three levels of programs to choose from. These programs provide you a range from 250 items to over 1000 items you can post and sell. There are no contracts and you can cancel at any time. The monthly fee grants you full access to a suite of custom features that empower you to successfully promote and sell your items. The strength of the Local Giving Mall is you will never be charged a “Final Sale Fee!”. Based the current competitive landscape, this could save you up to 15% on every sale. Not only will you save money selling through the LGM, you will benefit by knowing you are helping your favorite charity grow and provide their much needed services.


When you decide to become a part of this exciting movement, you will be asked to decide how much of the sale you want to donate. The system automatically distributes the donations once a sale transaction occurs through Pay Pal.


Promote your storefront to a growing number of socially responsible consumers. Since the conception of “Cause Marketing”, businesses have experience the benefit of linking a cause to the sell of their products and services. Statistics show that over 80% of consumers prefer buying products linked to a cause. Now, by clicking a few buttons, a minor fee and uploading your products and services, you have a way to make a big impact on those that you have compassion for. Your Local Charity…. Set up multiple stores and support more than one charity! Join the growing class of businesses that “Do Well by Doing Good!”

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One of the biggest reasons the Local Giving Mall was created is due to the growing number of socially responsible consumers. We realize that over 80% of you prefer buying products and services from brands and businesses that are linked to a cause and the number is growing! Millenniums show some of the greatest desire to find cause related products and services. The Local Giving Mall was launched to provide all consumers access to this shopping experience that directly and automatically help their favorite local charities through their purchases.


The Local Giving Mall is structured like a brick and mortar mall. You have all of the typical departments you are accustomed to as well as a “Browse the Window” section to dive deeper into the stores goods and services. There are no limitations to the number of products and services our storefront owners can provide. Shop in each of the businesses that have decided to support your local charity. Go to you Charities page and see the list of businesses that support them. Click on there store and shop. IF you are interested in growing your interest in a new charity, browse the mall’s directory of charities and their loyal merchants. If you do not have a charity in mind and you are looking for a product or service, shop by category and locate the best deal possible and know your purchase will make a difference in someone's life.


When you click the “Buy Button” you just made a difference in the world! Pass on the news that a “New Type of Shopping Mall has landed in your town”.. It’s called your “Local Giving Mall!”

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