Community leaders, Church Leaders, Non Profits Leaders are all searching for ways to lift poverty, empower Entrepreneurs, support local charities and build a strong, vibrant community. These challenges are magnified by the current Covid conditions and citizens are looking for ways to create income and pay their bills.

The Local Giving Mall is being launched and offered to communities around the country. This unique mall provides the following positive impacts;

1. Provides a funding tool for local non profits that provide 100% of the monetary donation at zero cost to the charity. We call it "Donations from the Cloud".

2. Provides Businesses and Start up Entrepreneurs a way to build a online business that is tied to a cause. This Conscious Capitalism is taking root all over the country and for that matter all over the world and the LGM brings to your local community. 

3. Provides a way for socially conscious consumers to directly impact their local community by purchasing goods and services from local retailers. Purchasing goods from local retailers deposits the majority of the profits back into the community compared to what national chains do.. "Buy Local and Donate".

This innovated community based tool has been designed to do all of the above and in addition, the LGM will reinvest a portion back into each community by supporting "Mentorship Missions" that lift up and encourage young adults.

Please pass this on to your community leaders, businessmen, Church leaders and tell them of the benefits of LGM's "Donations from the Cloud". 

Let's strengthen every community by investing in them.. 

Michael Sullivan



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