Entrepreneurs: Grow with Local Giving Mall! (LGM)

Introducing the Local Giving Mall's "Entrepreneurs Growth Platform!"

For as little as $45.00 per month, LGM provides Entrepreneurs a fully functional shopping mall to promote their products and service's on. This unique platform is designed to provide the most competitive and socially responsible way to sell your products available. Let's explain.

First, the LGM does not require any final sale commissions on products and services sold. Pay a monthly lease (which you can cancel at anytime) and that's it. This, alone, can save up to 15% compared to other platforms that charge a final commission. 

Secondly, our unique "Donations from the Cloud" trademarked process distributes a percentage of purchase of every item you sell to your favorite local nonprofit. Yes, automatically. At registration, you select your charity of choice (if not available, request they register for free) and pledge a percentage of sale you want to donate. The system does the rest. Once you become a part of this exciting new process, you are now a "Conscious Capitalist" that you can proudly promote. Be a trend setter.

Thirdly, your election to lease a store on the LGM platform provides the vital monetary support your local nonprofits require to survive. Yes, your business is now directly connected to your local community and the value of your business grows. Statistics show, not only does your business grow, consumers have proven that they will pay more money for products and services associated to a cause. Also, your employees gain respect for you as they see you contributing to those that serve your local community.

In today's world, digital retail is necessary and growing. Consider being a part of this unique program and promote "Donations from the Cloud." This is a process where 100% of a pledge donation from your store is automatically distributed to your favorite nonprofit, at no cost. To your favorite nonprofit, this means they can save up to 40% of their cost to raise funds. 

Be the first in your community to bring a Local Giving Mall's "Donation from the Cloud". Lease a store and promote your business. 

Our mission is to have an active LGM in every city in the US and beyond. It starts with you. Take advantage of a free two week free registration and begin the process. 

We look forward to watching your business grow. With every dollar you sell, a less fortunate community member benefits.

Help us reach our goal. "A LGM in every city in the US".


Start Today. Someone you may know could use the donation.


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