Hobbyist enjoy their craft and provide a large part of the retail experience, especially at local fairs and craft shows. Now, with the help of LGM, these creative people can help their local community by establishing a store on the LGM platform. Typically, Hobbyist do not have webpages. One of the major advantages of leasing a store with LGM, you automatically create a URL (internet location) for your business. In addition, the store is part of the lease without having to create any contract for a web page and or hosting service. This is a very competitive way for small artist to get on the internet, not to mention the benefit of tying your business to a cause. 

Hobbyist.. Check out the LGM benefit package and launch your store today.. Pledge a percentage of sale to your local favorite charity and tell your customers to shop the mall and watch the donations from the cloud, work.

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