"For every $10 million spent on Amazon it creates 14 jobs vs. 57 jobs

when $10 million is spent at independents" - The Institute of Local Self Reliance 


Most people are aware of the benefits of buying local but do they really understand the real impact? There are many studies that support purchasing goods and services from your local merchants vs chains. This statistic from the Institute of Local Self Reliance is one of these studies. 


Think about it, you increase the number of jobs by 400% when you purchase local. Purchasing goods and services on the internet has become just a "Click of the button" today. Digital shopping platforms are growing at a rapid rate and with every click, a local merchant and the community loose. This is one of the primary reasons we created the "Local Giving Mall". As a digital shopping platform, we focus on the local merchants by offering them the same "Click the Button" sell as the major chains. A local merchant that leases a store on the Local Giving Mall keeps the revenues local. In addition to this benefit, the Local Giving Mall also helps Not for Profits by asking the local merchant to pledge a percentage of purchase donation to their favorite charity through our "Donations from the Cloud" process. YES..... create jobs and donate to local Not for Profits... through the Local Giving Mall.

How can you help us, help the local community?

One, tell your friends and family about the Local Giving Mall. Two, tell your local Not for Profits to register their cause for free on the Mall. Three, encourage the Not for Profit to promote the Mall as an Alternative Funding Process and finally, encourage your local merchants to lease a store on the Local Giving Mall and pledge a percentage of their sales to their favorite charity. 

 It is our mission to have a active Local Giving Mall in every city in the United States. That is one local merchant supporting a local Not for Profit. Help us activate a mall in your area. 





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