Non Profits of all sizes, kinds and missions face the same challenges. "Where are the funds coming from".. Well, the Local Giving Mall (LGM) provides one valid solution. This solution is based in the cloud. Yes the "Internet Cloud". Millions of transactions are taking place daily in the e-commerce internet. These transaction contain the secret sauce necessary to support local non profits. LGM's Donations from the Cloud provides 100% of the Donations at zero cost to the non profit.

How does it work? 

Register your non profit on the LGM platform, at no cost and ask your donor base to help activate the Donations from the cloud. How do you do that, by simply telling those donors that have small businesses or are looking at establishing one to lease a store with in your local LGM. What is exciting is there are many people out of work that are looking for ways to create an income and what better way than to give them a chance to use their God given talents and start a business. 

The process of establishing a store is simple. They register, select the size of the store they need and select your non profit as a beneficiary. The store owner pledges a percentage of purchase that will be donated to your cause. The LGM system automatically extracts the donation from the sell and deposits in your selected bank account. It is that simple. Monetary donations support your mission, 24/7 365 days per year. 

Register today, invite your community to join in and make your local giving mall robust in supporting your communities charities. 

Consumers will support these local businesses because they want to purchase brands from local merchants.

Don't hesitate. Register today and give your donors and your cause the lift it deserves.. "A rising tide lifts all boats".. LGM"s Donation from the Clouds... lifts the tide...




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