To add a new product, you can click "Add new Product" from the "My Store" dropdown or from the home seller area.

As soon as you click the "Add new Product", you can begin to add the information, images, and SEO for your product in.

As shown above, the main areas to input data are divided into tabs: General, Data, Links, Attribute, Option, Discount, Special, Image, and SEO.

General: The General tab contains your meta information, product name, product description and product tags to edit.

Data: The Data tab contains the products model, SKU, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN, location, rice, tax class quantity, minimum quantity, subtract stock, out of stock status, required shipping, date available, dimensions, length class, weight, and weight class which are a majority of the information required for your product.

Links: The Links tab is links that can be added on to your product such as manufacturer and categories.

Attribute: The Attribute tab lets you add attributes to your product that you made in your "Manage Attributes" area.

Option: The Option tab lets you add options to your product that you made in your "Manage Option" area.

Discount: The Discount tab allows you to set up discounts for certain customer groups for specific times and even with only a set quantity.

Special: The Special tab allows you to set a special price for certain customer groups for specific times.

Image: The Image tab contains the product's main image and an area to insert more images.

SEO: The SEO tab is for setting the SEO Keyword for your product in your stores so be careful when using this tab.

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